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Mental map of marketing process

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1 Create value to the customer and build strong customer relationships
1.1 Marketing Process
1.1.1 Understand the market place Customer needs and wants. Suppliers/Company/Competitors/Marketing intermediaries/Consumers
1.1.2 Design customer-driven marketing strategy Maketing management, market segmentation, target marketing, brand's value proposition
1.1.3 Construct an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value Marketing mix, integrated marketing program
1.1.4 Buid profitable relationships and create customer delight Involves working closely (Customer and partner relationship)
1.1.5 Capture value from customers to create profits and equity Right relationships with the right customers
2 Company and marketing strategy (2)
2.1 Strategic planning
2.1.1 Defining the company mission
2.1.2 Setting company objectives and goals
2.1.3 Designing the business portfolio The collection of business or products that make up the company
2.1.4 Planing marketing and other functional strategies Value chain: Series of department that carry out value-creating activities Market segmentation: division of a market into disctinct groups of buyers who have different needs Market segment: a group of consumers who respond in a similar way to a given set of marketing efforts Market targeting: process of evaluating each market segment's attractiveness and selecting one or more to enter Marekting positioning : desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of the consumers Differentation Maketing mix: the set of controllable marketing tools
3 Marketing environment (3)
3.1 Microenvironment
3.1.1 The company
3.1.2 Culture
3.1.3 Suppliers
3.1.4 Marketing intermedieries
3.1.5 Competitors
3.1.6 Publics
3.2 Macroenvironment
3.2.1 Demography Environmnet, trend, generational marketing,
3.2.2 Economic
3.2.3 Natural
3.2.4 Technological
3.2.5 Political
3.2.6 Culture Beliefs and values
4 Marketing information (Customer insights) (4)
4.1 Marketing Information System (MIS)
4.1.1 Marketing environment affects all of them
4.1.2 Assessing information needs
4.1.3 Developing needed information Internal database/Marekting intelligence/Marketing reseach
4.1.4 Analysing and using info.
4.2 Marketing research process
4.2.1 Defining the problem and research obj.
4.2.2 Developing the research plan
4.2.3 Implementing the plan
4.2.4 Interpreting the findings
5 Customer (5)
5.1 Buyer Behavior
5.1.1 Characteristics Cultural Subculture, culture, social class Social factors Groups, opinion leader, networks, family, roles and status Psychological factors Motivation, preception, learning, beliefs and attitudes Personal factors Age and life cycle, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle, personality
5.1.2 Types of buying decision behavior Complex Dissonance redusing Habitual New products Varieties seeking
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