Chemistry Year 10

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Created by EmzaLou99 almost 6 years ago
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Chemistry Year 10
1 Atoms and Elements
1.1 Elements are the basic building blocks of the matter
1.2 Elements cannot be broken into anything simpler than chemical means
1.3 Each Element has there own symbol
1.4 Elements are made up of atoms and all the atoms of an element are all the same
1.5 The atomic structure of an element detremines it's possition in the perodic table of elements
1.6 Each atom contains a small positivley charged region called an electron
1.7 The nucleus is made up of two types of particles
1.7.1 Proton - positivley charged
1.7.2 Neutron - negativley charged
1.8 Light negativley charged electrons orbit around the nucleus
1.9 Each atom of a particular element has the same number of protons
1.9.1 The number of protons is known as the atomic number and every element has a diffreient one
1.10 The mass of an element is called a relative atomic mass

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