Formal and Informal Language


English Mind Map on Formal and Informal Language, created by Andrew Bolton on 04/13/2013.
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Andrew Bolton
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Formal and Informal Language
  1. Informal
    1. Informal language might be found in a note to the milkman, a letter to a friend, a popular newspaper. It might contain some of the following Features
      1. abbreviations such as we'll or isn't.
        1. Short, simple sentences.
          1. Slang phrases
            1. Clinches
              1. Dialect or Colloquial language
            2. Formal
              1. Language that might be found in a quality newspaper, a letter from a bank manager or a text book. It might include some of the following features
                1. Complex Sentences
                  1. No abbreviations
                    1. no slang
                      1. correct grammer
                        1. a wide range of complex vocabulary (relating to the subject of the writing)
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