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This is the rivrers topic out of rivers and coasts

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1 The hydrological cycle
1.1 1- The water evaportaes from the sea and the land. Evaportation is when water is heated by the sun and turns into water vapour. Transpiration is the evaporation of water from plants. Evapotransporation is both evaporation nad transpiration happening together.
1.2 2- Water vapour is moved inland by winds
1.3 3- The water vapour condensses to form clouds and then falls over the land as precipertation
1.4 4- Water moves from one place to another in many ways: Infiltration- This is when water soaks into the soil. Percolation- This is when water moves vertically down through soil or rock. Throughflow- This is when water in the soil flows down hill. Groundwater flow- This is when water in rock flows down hill. Surface runoff- This is when water flows overground. Channel flow- This is when the water flows in a river.
1.5 5- Water can also be held on the land in stores: Channel storage- This when water is held in a river. Groundwater storage- This is when water is stored underground in soil and rock. A rock that stores water is called an aquifer.(E.g- Chalk) Interception storage- This is when water lands on things like plant leaves and doesn't hit the ground. Surface storage- This is when water is held in things like lakes, reservoirs and puddles.
2 Drainage basins
2.1 Imputs
2.1.1 Precipertation
2.2 Fows
2.2.1 Surface runoff
2.2.2 Channel flow
2.2.3 Infiltraction
2.2.4 Throughflow
2.2.5 Ground flow
2.2.6 Percolation
2.3 Stores
2.3.1 Channel storage
2.3.2 Groundwater storage
2.3.3 Interception storage
2.3.4 Surface storage
2.4 outputs
2.4.1 Evaportaion
2.4.2 Transpiration
2.4.3 River flow into sea
2.5 1- Drainage basins are separated by a boundary called a watershed.
2.6 2-Key words of the drainage basin: Tributary- This is small river that joins to a bigger river. Source- This is where a river starts- in the hills/mountains. Confluence- This is the point where to rivers join. Mouth- This is where a river flows into the sea or lake.
3 Weathering and the river valley
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