National Socialism

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What was National Socialism, according to Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

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National Socialism
1 Definition
1.1 The political doctrine of the Nazi Party of Germany
2 Race
2.1 The protection and expansion of the German race.
2.1.1 Highest priority of the state
3 Aryan
3.1 Earlier Indo-European race from the existing Nordic , and Germans, were descended.
3.2 Master race
4 Jews
4.1 Threat
4.2 Communist takeover of Russia in 1917.
4.2.1 Jewish world conspiracy
5 No freedom
6 Marriage
6.1 Only between pure, healthy Germans.
6.1.1 The sick, the unhealthy and the weak were banned from having children. In order not to infect the race
7 Sturmabteilung
7.1 Storm-troopers
7.1.1 German political life in the 1920s and early 1930s Activity of military groups that supported different political parties
7.2 Men who had military experience from the WWI
7.2.1 many used to be in Freikorps formation that played a role in German political life in early 1920s
8 Extreme right wing views
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