Coastal Processes

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GCSE Geography (Coasts) Mind Map on Coastal Processes, created by Emily Gibson on 12/24/2013.

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Coastal Processes
1 Weathering
1.1 Mechanical
1.1.1 Freeze-thaw
1.2 Chemical
1.2.1 Carbonation weathering
2 Erosion
2.1 Hydraulic action, Corrasion, Attrition & Corrosion
2.2 Destructive waves
2.2.1 High frequency (10-14 waves / minute)
2.2.2 High and steep
2.2.3 Powerful backwash
2.2.4 Less powerful swash - material is removed
2.2.5 Effected by Wind - stronger = large, powerful waves Fetch (distance of water over which wind has blown to produce wave) - greater = bigger, powerful waves
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