Conflict Resolution

Andres Felipe
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Mind Map on Conflict Resolution, created by Andres Felipe on 02/16/2016.
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Conflict Resolution
1 How did the conflict start?
1.1 a threatening message a joke , an insult and its maximum level are beating even this can lead to suicide victims himself
1.1.1 As the conflict is resolved?
2 Victims Feel
2.1 Intimidation, humillation
2.2 Feeling ignored
2.3 whether as a matter of culture beliefs
2.4 Customs , skin color , among others
3 low self steem
3.1 humillate
3.1.1 me miss school Intimidate me in many ways Physically Verbally through messages We have to value the person learning that we all have values that make us as people Tolerance Love Friendship Respect Acceptance
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