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  • The Direct and Manage Project Work process is where you and your team actually do the work to produce the deliverables.
1 Approved change request
2 Project Management plan
2.1 MOST important input: it tells your team what to build, how to build it, and when you're rest set to deliver your product
2.1.1 Since you create the Project Management plan during the project, it’s actually a deliverable itself. However, it’s a special case, since it still requires you to use change control when you need to update or change it.
3 Enterprise environmental factors
4 Organizational process assets
5 Deliverables
5.1 Any time your project produces something in the plan, that “something” is a deliverable of your project. Deliverables can be either internal to your company or to the customer.
6 Work performance data
6.1 Your job is to direct the work, but you need to do more than deliver the results. You also need to keep track of how well your team performed—and that’s what the Work Performance Data output is about
7 Change requests, project document, and plan update
7.1 These are three outputs lumped together.
8 Expert judgment
9 Meetings
10 Project Management information system
11 Use the plan to create deliverables.
11.1 Deliverables are anything you produce in the course of doing your project activities.
12 Repair defects in deliverables.
12.1 Your Quality Management plan focuses on catching defects as you go, so you can repair them as soon as possible.
13 As the project plan changes, make sure those changes are reflected in the deliverables.
13.1 This is different from fixing defects. A defect means that the plan was right, but your deliverable was built wrong.
14 The Direct and Manage Project Work process is where you and your team actually do the work to produce the deliverables.
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