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GCSE PoR (Ethics) Mind Map on Marriage, created by jess99 on 04/14/2013.
Mind Map by jess99, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by jess99 over 9 years ago

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  1. Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman
    1. Reasons to get married
      1. a visa
        1. money
          1. a child
            1. love
              1. arranged marriage
              2. Reasons why people can't get married
                1. underage
                  1. already married
                    1. don't have a legal divorce from a previous marriage
                      1. haven't had the banns of marriage
                        1. announcing the marriage outside the venue on three sundays
                        2. illegal immigrant or living illegally
                        3. Essentials of a wedding
                          1. 2 witnesses
                            1. 2 people to get married
                              1. Someone with a marriage licence
                                1. pen - with indelible ink
                                  1. marriage certificate
                                    1. announcement
                                      1. licensed venue
                                        1. registration book
                                          1. vows
                                            1. altar
                                              1. 16 years old
                                                1. impediments/objections
                                                2. A civil ceremony
                                                  1. short and in a registry office or hotel
                                                    1. 2 witnesses
                                                      1. vows
                                                      2. Quaker marriage ceremony
                                                        1. mostly in silence
                                                          1. no priest because they don't believe the anyone other than God can join a couple together
                                                            1. not held in a church, Friend's Meeting House
                                                              1. smart dress
                                                              2. Cohabitation
                                                                1. living together but not being legally married
                                                                  1. sometimes used to test a relationship
                                                                    1. some don't want to commit
                                                                    2. Civil Partnership
                                                                      1. marriage but for gay people
                                                                        1. gives some legal protection e.g. inheritance, pension
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