Moby - Why does my heart feel so bad?


General knowledge of the set work.
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Moby - Why does my heart feel so bad?
  1. Instrumentation
    1. Synthesiser strings
      1. Sampler
        1. Two samples used
          1. Male verses
            1. Female choruses
              1. Both in A minor, but harmonized to make one sound minor, and one sound major.
                1. Background noise not removed as it adds to emotional depth of the song.
                  1. Sometimes acts as another percussion instrument.
                  2. From 1950's gospel music
                2. Drum machine
                  1. Rhythm - the drum machine creates the strong, steady rhythm that is associated with dance music.
                    1. Emphasized by the drum beat and bass.
                3. Dance music
                  1. Extensive use of samples and loops.
                    1. Links to the club scene.
                      1. Layered textures.
                      2. Key words
                        1. Objective Judgement
                        2. Melody - created by looped samples and drum beats.
                          1. Tonality is often ambiguous and difficult to detect. Moby uses the chords of Sus2 and Sus4, creating ambiguity and interest.
                            1. Sus2
                              1. A triad with the major or minor third replace by the second degree of the scale.
                              2. Sus4
                                1. A triad with the major or minor third replaced by the fourth degree of the scale.
                              3. Effects used
                                1. DElay
                                  1. Heavy EQ
                                  2. Song
                                    1. From the album, "Play".
                                      1. Tempo - 98bpm
                                        1. Time signature - 4/4
                                          1. Released in 1999
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