How can I as an amateur photographer create the perfect portrait?

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How to create the perfect portrait.
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How can I as an amateur photographer create the perfect portrait?
  1. What i want to find out:
    1. What lighting to use
      1. How to position the camera
        1. Where to set up the shoot
          1. What aperture speed to use
            1. How high or how low should the shutter speed be?
              1. How high the IOS should be
              2. Sources that will be used throughout my research:
                1. websites including businesses of professional photogreaphers, online photography magazines etc.
                  1. Articles including magazines, newspapers etc.
                    1. Books including autobiographies of professional photographers, collages of photography exhibits etc.
                    2. Examples of portraits:
                      1. Family
                        1. Pet
                          1. Couple
                            1. Kids
                            2. Equipment needed
                              1. lenses (macros, wide range, tele focus, zoom)
                                1. Camera
                                  1. Tripod
                                    1. Spotlight
                                    2. What settings create the perfect portrait?
                                      1. IOS
                                        1. inside/outside
                                          1. interview
                                          2. Other modes
                                            1. Phones
                                              1. camera vs phone
                                                1. Nikon D50
                                                  1. Nikon D3500
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