Plato's Republic (380 bc)


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Plato's Republic (380 bc)
  1. Spoken through Socrates
    1. Conversing with Glaucon and Thrasymachus
    2. Political Justice
      1. Books II, III and IV
        1. Three main classes of people
          1. Producers (ie. farmers, craftsmen etc.)
            1. Auxillaries (ie. Warriors)
              1. Guardians (rulers)
              2. Political justice is when these three classes perform their roles correctly.
              3. End of book IV
                1. Personal Justice mirrors political justice
                  1. The soul is also in three parts
                    1. Rational part
                      1. Rulers
                      2. Spirited part
                        1. Auxillaries
                        2. Appertative part
                          1. Producers
                      3. Books V-VII


                        • The Allegory of the Cave occurs in book VII
                        1. Two realms
                          1. Visible
                            1. Intelligible
                              1. Made up of forms
                                1. Only those who's minds are trained grasp these forms


                                  • Philosphers are these people. They have moved through the visible world into the intelligible and grasped the ultimate form of good. |(This is unto the intelligble world what the sun is to the visible one)
                                  1. The ruling form is The form of Good
                                    1. Therefore Good is the ultimate and philosphers should rule as they understand this
                              2. The Cave (VII)
                                1. People only see shadows, not intelligible world
                                  1. Philosopher travel through this to see true forms
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