Cicero Context

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University Political Ideas in Revolution Mind Map on Cicero Context, created by Saoirse Burnell on 01/06/2014.

Saoirse Burnell
Created by Saoirse Burnell almost 6 years ago
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Cicero Context
1 Roman Republic (509 - 27 bc)
1.1 Augustus Caeser became Rome's first Emperor in 27 BCE
1.2 'No King'
1.3 Slave society (particularily as foreign wars yielded more slaves)
1.4 Twelve Tables (charter of basic laws) including the sanctity and security of private property


  • In De Republica Cicero is a great ambassador of Private property
2 Wrote De Officiis and De Lege
3 Marcus Tullius Cicero
3.1 Born in 106 BCE
3.2 Murdered on 7th December 43 BCE on order of Mark Anthony
3.3 The greatest of all Roman Orators, and a fantastic lawyer
3.4 Became Consul at 42
3.5 Hostile to warlords and those that called for reform alike
3.6 Against redistribution of land to the poor
3.6.1 Invective against Catiline conspirators and Gracchi Brothers
4 Aristocrat but wanted the people to be recognised to preserve liberty for all

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