Peripetie - Schoenberg

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Music (Peripetie - Schoenburg) Mind Map on Peripetie - Schoenberg, created by bethanygrace7 on 04/14/2013.

Created by bethanygrace7 over 6 years ago
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Peripetie - Schoenberg
1 Background: expressionism; late romantic period; 1909; Peripetie=sudden reversal.
2 Dynamics: extremes of dynamics used throughout.
3 Tempo and rhythm: sehr rasch (very quick); rubato; 3/4; complex rhythms: sextuplets, dotted rhythms, double dotted, cross rhythms and syncopation.
4 Structure: rondo form but with very developed A sections.
5 Melody: angular melodies; klangfarbenmelodie (instrument's sounds are as important as what the play).
6 Instruments: large orchestra to give extreme ranges.
7 Harmony/tonality: recurring hexachord; it can be transposed and creates dissonances.
8 Texture: A: homophonic bursts. B: polyphonic and complex.
9 Musical features: atonal; 1 intense emotion; extremes of dynamics; pieces are quite short.

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