Cranial Nerves

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Cranial Nerves
1 Site of exit from skull
1.1 Cribriform plate (CN I)
1.2 Optic canal (CN II)
1.3 Superior orbital fissure (CN III, IV, Ophthalmic branch of CN V, CN VI)
1.4 Foramen rotundum (Maxillary branch of CN V)
1.5 Foramen ovale (Mandibular branch of CN V)
1.6 Internal acoustic meatus (CN VII, VIII)
1.7 Jugular foramen (CN IX, X, XI)
1.8 Hypoglossal canal (CN XII)
2 Facial nerve
2.1 Temporal branch
2.2 Zygomatic branch
2.3 Buccal branch
2.4 Marginal mandibular branch
2.5 Cervical
2.6 Parasympathetic to lacrimal, submandibular and sublingual glands
2.7 Muscles of facial expression, stapedius, stylohyoid, posterior belly of the digastric muscle
2.8 Taste from anterior 2/3 of the tongue
2.9 Bell's palsy
2.10 Runs through parotid gland
3 Glossopharyngeal nerve
3.1 Parasympathetic to parotid gland, stylopharyngeus
3.2 Sensory from pharynx, middle ear, auditory tube, carotid body and sinus, external ear, posterior 1/3 of tongue (including taste)
3.3 Lesions: PICA infarct
3.4 Test: gag reflex
4 Nuclei
4.1 Midbrain (CN III, IV)
4.2 Pons (CN V, VI, VII, VIII)
4.3 Medulla (CN IX, X, XII)
4.4 Spinal cord (CN XI)
5 Cavernous sinus
5.1 CN III, IV, VI)
5.2 CN V (Ophthalmic, Maxillary)
5.3 Danger triangle
5.4 Neighboring structures
5.4.1 Optic chiasm
5.4.2 Pituitary gland
5.4.3 Sphenoidal sinuses
5.4.4 Internal carotid artery
6 Reticular activating system
6.1 Reticular formation
6.2 Mesencephalic nucleus
6.3 Thalamic intralaminar nucleus
6.4 Dorsal hypothalamus
6.5 Tegmentum
7 Vagal nuclei
7.1 Nucleus solitarius (sensory)
7.1.1 Taste
7.1.2 Baroreceptors
7.1.3 Gut distension
7.2 Nucleus ambiguous (motor)
7.2.1 Pharynx
7.2.2 Larynx
7.2.3 Upper esophagus
7.3 Dorsal motor nucleus (autonomic)
7.3.1 Heart
7.3.2 Lungs
7.3.3 Upper GI
8 Horner syndrome
8.1 Pancoast tumor
8.2 Brown-Sequard syndrome
8.3 Late stage syringomyelia

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