Global Marketing

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Global Marketing

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Global Marketing
1 Standardised Marketing Mix
1.1 Same marketing mix throughout the world
2 Adapted Marketing Mix
2.1 Adapting product to meet local needs and wants
3 Global Marketing Mix
3.1 Product
3.2 Price
3.3 Place
3.4 Promotion
4 Role of IT in Globalisation
4.1 Decision Making
4.2 Transmitting Information
4.3 Market Information
4.4 Video Conferencing
4.5 Internet
4.6 E-Commerce
5 Global Companies
5.1 Sell Standardised Product
6 Transnational Companies
6.1 Technology
6.2 Overcoming Trade Barriers
6.3 Globalisation of Markets
6.4 Cost Factors
6.5 Desire for Growth
6.6 Adapt Product for different markets
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