Advertising Key Concepts

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Advertising Key Concepts
1 Bill Bernbach
1.1 VW ad: "Lemon", use of plain background, playing upon criticism/stereotype/deviation of features of the car, simplicity
2 BMW i3
2.1 use of advertising through someone's life >> lifestyle branding
2.1.1 attempts to remove stigma/stereotyping of electric cars (similar to the Prius)
2.1.2 "open ad/advertorial" ad in form of editorial content
3 Christian Dior "Secret Garden"
3.1 asserts "luxury" and elegance of brand
3.1.1 Versailles historically maintains cultural authority
4 conspicuous consumption
4.1 purchasing goods in attempt to enhance one's social prestige
4.1.1 Bourdieu reinforces class position (influenced by taste >> habitus)
5 Georg Simmel
5.1 crowds are important to release identity
5.1.1 alterity vs. annonymity
5.1.2 consumption of objects allow people the opportunity to refine themselves and place in society (social groups)
6 glamour/envy (Berger)
6.1 advertising show us people who have been "transformed", making consumer believe they too can be transformed
6.1.1 state of being envied=glamour
6.1.2 advertising isn't about pleasure itself, but about the FUTURE buyer based upon happiness as judged upon by others glamour = the happiness of being envied
7 Gustave Le Bon
7.1 individual restraint is lost/released in crowds
7.1.1 crowds=threat to social order >> mob mentality
7.1.2 use of affirmation, images (story), repetition, exaggeration, NOT logic (logic is lost in crowds)
7.1.3 creating "illusion" of group/community for brand
8 Pete Barry - Creative Strategies
8.1 1. before and after, 2. before only, 3. after only, 4. advice, 5. knowledge, 6. empathy, 7. demonstration, 8. testemonial, 9. heritage (history of company), 10. owner/staff, 11. product positioning or repositioning, 12. comparison, 13. challenge, neg to pos., 14. logic, 15. price, 16. honesty
9 interpellant speech
9.1 "frozen" speech
10 The New Citroen
10.1 "prostituted", spiritual, exorcism, compared to cathedral
11 Paris Match, French Salute (Barthes)
11.1 signifiers+signified=sign (black soldier giving French flag a salute)
11.1.1 1st completed meaning = signifier in 2nd system French imperiality = driver behind the myth
12 piracy paradox
12.1 idea that copying promotes innovation and industry rather than deter it
12.1.1 stems from idea that customers must like product, but also be dissatisfied >> purchase new despite tech not changing/improving
12.1.2 "induced obsolescence" fashion industry benefits from having styles rise/fall quickly popular in masses >> people to not want anymore >> demand for something new
13 Demassifying strategies
13.1 classics - timelessness
13.2 craft - nostalgia (ex: handwriting, handcrafted)
13.3 counter/subculture movements - street cred, authenticity
14 homology
14.1 the attachment of subcultural groups to objects
14.1.1 symbolic art of the product fits with the values of the group
15 planned obsolescence
15.1 producing goods that require replacement
15.1.1 frequent changes in design
15.1.2 new technology
15.1.3 termination of needed additional parts
16 Sociology of Hipster (Mark Grief)
16.1 emergence of subculture
16.1.1 "taste" (Bourdieu) differing from traditional society
17 stickiness
17.1 ability to keep consumers/viewers attention
17.1.1 emotion, stories, etc.
18 Beats "Game Before the Game"
18.1 pre-game rituals of multiple audiences/groups of people (athletes, spectators)
18.1.1 authenticity
18.1.2 music = part of life beyond just a product
18.1.3 storytelling elements
18.1.4 use of GLOBAL athletes, celebs, people >> tap into global markets
19 talkability (Molotch)
19.1 ability to speak about attributes publicly
20 visual rhetoric
20.1 the way IMAGES combined with text influence/persuade
20.1.1 ex: use of celebs
20.1.2 shorter, peripheral delivery style
21 affordances
21.1 idea that perception drives action
21.1.1 ex: buttons for pushing, knobs for turning
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