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User Management
1 New Employees
1.1 Open "EmployeeImport.xlsm"
1.1.1 Clear existing data
1.1.2 Connect to "a0safinsql02_efinanceplus finplus50 forefront_sql_sync"
1.1.3 Run "GetEmployeeInfo.vbs"
1.1.4 Sort A1 column by color "red" and insert blank line after "red" items
1.1.5 Run "EmployeeAccountCreation.ps1"
1.1.6 Clear old entries in "EduphoriaImport.csv" & "WelcomeList.csv". Leave header.
1.2 Open "EduphoriaImport.csv"
1.2.1 Remove "Substitues or Police officers"
1.2.2 Change "School Name" from Head Start to "Day Head Start, Rio Vista Head Start or Blackshear Head Start
1.2.3 Change "School Name" from Custodian to Maintenance
1.2.4 Access ""
1.2.5 "Management" - "Manage Users" - "Import Users"
1.2.6 Set pw to "welcome"
2 Update Employee Changes
2.1 Open "EmployeeImport.xlsm"
2.1.1 Clear existing data
2.1.2 Connect to "a0safinsql02_efinanceplus finplus50 forefront_sql_sync"
2.1.3 Run "GetEmployeeInfo.vbs"
2.1.4 Remove Ray, Tom, Cat and Perry from file
2.1.5 Run Macro, “ModifyEmployeeUserInformation”
2.1.6 Copy current file to Documents folder "EmpImports"
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