Understanding NLP

Heidi Heron
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Mind Map on Understanding NLP, created by Heidi Heron on 01/04/2014.

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Heidi Heron
Created by Heidi Heron almost 6 years ago
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Understanding NLP
1 Definition
1.1 NEURO - refers to all of the neurology you have. This includes every cell, atom and chemical that you have. Your neurology is a key factor in who you are, how you interact with others and the world.
1.2 LINGUISTIC - refers to your verbal and non-verbal communication. You use your five senses to make sense of the world - everything you see, say, hear, taste, touch, feel, smell, think and do fits into the category of Linguistic.
1.3 PROGRAMMING - refers to all of the conscious and unconscious programs and patterns you have of behaviour, emotion and thought.
1.4 NLP is an understanding about how the language of the mind creates the patterns of our emotions, behaviours and thoughts. When we understand this, we can then us the many NLP tools to use the patterns, change what isn't working, enhance what is working and even create new patterns.
2 For You
2.1 Parenting
2.2 Physical & Mental Health
2.3 Finances
2.4 Find Your Passion
2.5 Improve Relationships
2.6 Goal Setting
2.7 Boost Your Confidence
2.8 Change behaviours
2.9 Change beliefs
2.10 Create Direction
2.11 Improve Communication
2.12 Improve Motivation
2.13 State Management
2.14 Self Awareness
2.15 Set Boundaries
2.16 Clear Blocks
2.17 Be
3 With Others
3.1 NLP Coaching
3.1.1 Goal Attainment
3.1.2 Identify blocks
3.1.3 Build resources
3.2 NLP Therapy
3.2.1 Change Behaviours
3.2.2 Clear limiting patterns
3.2.3 Increase motivation
3.2.4 Create new habits
4 At Work
4.1 Sales/Marketing
4.1.1 Marketing
4.1.2 Negotiation
4.1.3 Presentations
4.1.4 Advertising
4.1.5 Rapport & Influence
4.2 Management
4.2.1 Motivation
4.2.2 Leadership
4.2.3 Setting Vision
4.2.4 Commumication
4.2.5 Strategy
4.2.6 Project Management
4.2.7 Public Speaking
4.3 Human Resources
4.3.1 Recruitment
4.3.2 Employee Morale
4.3.3 Communication
4.3.4 Succession Planning
4.3.5 Training
4.3.6 Coaching
5 Learning NLP
5.1 Live NLP Certification Training
5.1.1 www.nlpworldwide.com
5.2 30 Days to NLP Book
5.2.1 www.30daystonlp.com
5.3 7 Day Online Introduction
5.3.1 www.7daynlp.com
5.4 Onlne NLP Training
5.4.1 www.anywherenlp.com