Science B1

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Science B1
1 Fitness & blood pressure
1.1 Fitness is NOT the same as being healthy
1.1.1 Being healthy means you are free of disease and infections
1.1.2 Being fit is how well you can preform physical tasks
1.2 High and low blood pressure can cause health problems such as: strokes, brain damage & kidney damage
1.3 Blood is pumped around the body under pressure
1.3.1 blood can carry nutrience etc to certian parts of the body
1.3.2 This is caused by the hearts contractions (pumping)
2 Respiration
2.1 Respiration is NOT breathing
2.1.1 Respiration is the process of releasing energy from glucose, which happens constantly in every cell
2.2 There are two types :Aerobic & Anaerobic
2.2.1 Aerobic This uses plenty of oxogen
2.2.2 Anaerobic This uses no oxogen
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