Lone-parent families

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Created by dottydiva96 almost 6 years ago
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Lone-parent families
1 24% of all families
2 1/4 children live in lone-parent families
3 Increasing
4 On verge of 2 million for first time
5 60.2% working, which is increasing
6 8% fathers – more likely to be widowed
7 In some areas rates are higher – ¾ of Sheffield are lone parent
8 Employment of mother depends of age of child – 12+, employment rate similar to or higher than mothers in couples
9 Reasons for patterns
9.1 Increase in divorce and separation
9.2 Decline in stigma
9.3 Changing positions of women - free to leave relationship
9.4 Welfare state benefits an extra help with childcare
9.4.1 NR dislike this - breeds a dependency culture Murray argues it's a 'perverse incentive' Rewards irresponsible behaviour
10 Most likely to be headed by women
10.1 Seen as naturally caring
10.2 Men less willing to give up work
10.3 Mothers single by choice
11 More likely to be in poverty
11.1 Inadequate welfare benefits
11.1.1 Not enough to get out - cycle of poverty
11.2 Women earn 17% less than men
11.3 Some father fail to pay maintenance money

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