Youth biological stage VS social construct

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GCSE Sociology (Youth) Mind Map on Youth biological stage VS social construct, created by SEOTP on 01/04/2014.

Created by SEOTP almost 6 years ago
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Youth biological stage VS social construct
1 Biological stage
1.1 All youth go through hormonal changes at puberty
1.2 At this time, young people experience changes in their behaviour and attitude
1.3 Many young people go through times of being irritable and unsure of themselves
2 Social construct
2.1 The Law
2.1.1 In each society the rights and responsibility of young people differ greatly. Laws are very different in various societies e.g. In England you must be 17 to drive whereas in America you can drive at 16
2.2 Social norms
2.2.1 Customs also vary e.g. In England the average age for a female to marry is just over 29 in Niger it is 17
2.3 Emotional/Behavioural norms
2.3.1 It is often believed that for all youth life is confusing and emotional Margaret Mead (1927) argued that this is not the case in every society. Mead claimed that Samoan young people did not have this period of turmoil
3 'Social construct' - decided by society

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