Don't know how to revise? Try...


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Don't know how to revise? Try...
  1. Put post-its with key info on in places you look at often
    1. Draw and label pictures/flow charts that will help you remember key information. Use colours effectively
      1. Mnemonics - Eg. STOP (Same signs Take away, Opposite signs Plus for simultaneous equations in maths)
        1. Explain what it is/how to do it to someone else (parent, friend, sibling, anyone willing to listen!)
          1. Record yourself talking about it and listen to it
            1. Make up a song/rhyme to a well known tune with all key info in
              1. Re-write your notes making them more to the point and concise. Ask your teacher if it doesn't make sense.
                1. Make flash cards - key word on the front, bullet points on the back of main info.
                  1. Past papers - attempt them without the mark scheme, if you're stuck look up how to do it and try again before reaching for the mark scheme.
                    1. Mind map - make it colourful, make key words stand out.
                      1. Test yourself or get someone else to test you
                        1. You need to repeat and review information for it to stick in your memory so start revision early so you have time to do this. Re-visit topics every few days.
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