Core Chemistry

Robyn K
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Chemistry Mind Map on Core Chemistry, created by Robyn K on 04/14/2013.

Robyn K
Created by Robyn K over 6 years ago
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Core Chemistry
1 C1.1- The fundamental ideas in Chemistry
1.1 Atoms
1.2 The Periodic Table
1.3 Chemical Reactions
2 C1.2- Limestone and building materials
2.1 Calcium Carbonate
3 C1.3- Metals and there uses
3.1 Properties and Uses of Metals
3.2 Alloys
3.3 Extracitng Metals
4 C1.5- Other useful substances from crude oil
4.1 Obtaining useful substances from Crude Oil
4.2 Polymers
4.3 Ethanol
5 C1.4- Crude Oils and Fuels
5.1 How do we get fuels from Crude Oil

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