Inspiration & Expiration

Fauzia Ali
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Fauzia Ali
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A-Level Biology (Gas Exchange) Mind Map on Inspiration & Expiration, created by Fauzia Ali on 02/25/2016.

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Inspiration & Expiration
1 Expiration
1.1 External intercostal muscles relax pulling ribcage down and in
1.2 Diaphragm relaxes and domes upwards
1.3 Thorax volume decreases, so thorax pressure increases
1.4 Inner pleural membrane moves inwards pushing on surface of lungs so alveoli contract
1.5 Atmospheric air pressure lower than thorax pressure so air forced out
2 Inspiration
2.1 Negative Pressure Inhhalation
2.2 External intercostal muscles contract raising and pushing out the ribcage
2.3 Simultaneously, diaphragm contracts flattenning it
2.4 Thorax volume increases, decreasing thorax pressure
2.5 Inner pleural membrane moves outwards pulling on surface of lungs so alveoli expand
2.6 Atmospheric air pressure higher than thorax pressure so air forced in
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