Enduring Love chapter 1 to 4

Lydia Steiner
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mind map of key events and quotes

Lydia Steiner
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Enduring Love chapter 1 to 4
1 Key Events
1.1 Chapter 1
1.1.1 picnic and balloon accident Joe concerntrates on his and Clarissa's romance
1.1.2 John Logan dies, all the men let go of the balloon
1.1.3 The first meeting with Jed
1.2 Chapter 2
1.2.1 McEwan deliberately aiming for suspense through the halting, teasing narrative?
1.2.2 Joe begins the next chapter by trying to slow down his story, thinking about whether this is the beginning, and contemplating the artificial nature of beginnings.
1.2.3 Joe and Jed go and find Johns dead body and they have their first conversation. Joe refuses to pray with Jed as he is an athiest this difference in beliefs helps set the conflict
1.2.4 Joe retreats to science to explain the tragedy. He also says that he wasn't the first to let go of the balloon and therefore wasn't responsible for Johns death
1.3 Chapter 3 +4
1.3.1 Joe explains that a routine surgery left Clarissa unable to bear children and that, although they are happy together, it is clear she carries that pain with her.
1.3.2 Joe and Clarissa arrive at their apartment where they exchange their experiences of the tragedy
1.3.3 Clarissa loves children, and when her friend’s infant died unexpectedly, Clarissa treated it almost as if it were her own “phantom” child.
1.3.4 the telephone rings. Jed Parry says to him, “I just wanted you to know, I understand what you’re feeling. I feel it too. I love you” (pg. 37). Clarissa asks Joe who was calling, and he claims it was a wrong number, admitting to the reader that it was his “first serious mistake”
1.3.5 Joe notices someone following him in the library
2 Key Quotes
2.1 Chapter 1
2.1.1 "We turned to look across the field and saw the danger.Next thing , I was running towards it"
2.1.2 "This was the moment,this was the pinprick on the time map"
2.1.3 "The beginning is simple to mark"
2.2 Chapter 2
2.2.1 ‘So much followed from this incident, so much branching and subdivision began in those early moments, such pathways of love and hatred blazed from this starting position, that a little reflection, even pedantry, can only help me here.
2.2.2 ‘Like a self in a dream I was both first and third persons.
2.3 Chapter 3 + 4
2.3.1 Clarissa compares the falling Logan to a line of John Milton from Paradise Lost: “Hurled headlong flaming from th’Ethereal Sky” metaphor for her and joes relationship.
2.3.2 “was a challenge that no angel could resist, and his death denied their existence”
2.3.3 “recount the events without re-living them in the faintest degree, without even remembering them”

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