Ecotourism Case Study

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GCSE Geography (Tourism) Mind Map on Ecotourism Case Study, created by SEOTP on 01/07/2014.

Created by SEOTP almost 6 years ago
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Ecotourism Case Study
1 Ecotourism is necessary to help make some tourist areas sustainable.
2 Ecotourism should
2.1 educate tourists about how to act responsibly
2.2 ensure tourists do not damage the local environment
2.3 help to conserve the local environment
2.4 use resources sustainably
2.5 benefit local people by creating jobs and trade opportunities
2.6 Inform local people about why their environment is important
2.7 Minimise the impact of tourism on the local environment and culture
3 Is ecotourism a good form of sustainable development?
3.1 Ecotourism can put things right - some of the things wrong with mass tourism but potential is limited
3.2 Not everyone wants to/can afford to go to ecotourist destinations
3.3 Evidence shows that small local projects work well but it is questionable whether these projects would be as successful when scaled up

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