Actus reus

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Created by hayley over 6 years ago
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Criminal Law
Actus reus
1 It is the physical element a crime composes of
2 Means the guilty act
3 Each crime has its own actus reus
3.1 E.g for a section 20 the actus reus is to unlawfully wound or cause GBH
4 The actus reus comprises of..
4.1 conduct by act or omission
4.2 a result from the conduct
4.3 And/or surrounding circumstances
4.4 The act could also be a state of affairs which requires a result
5 A state of affairs means
5.1 being in a situation which has be declared to be wrong
5.1.1 E.g being drunk in a car even though you have no intent to drive it
6 A result .....
6.1 is a consequence of an act or omission
7 The surrounding circumstances
7.1 Are illustrated under the theft act
7.1.1 The property must "belong to another" Here there has to be surrounding circumstances otherwise it is not theft
8 The act has to voluntary on the defendant
8.1 This means "your mind is in control of your actions"
8.1.1 E.g in quick
8.1.2 E.g in Hill v Baxter A spontaneous reflex action happened due to the swarm of bees causing the car to loose control
9 There is one situation in which an involuntary act is a crime
9.1 In Winzar
9.1.1 The man was found drunk on a public highway

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