Locus Iste

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Locus Iste
1 Instrumentation
1.1 4 part choir
1.1.1 Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass
1.1.2 Sang in a Cathedral
2 Texture
2.1 Section A is monophonic
2.2 Section B uses imitation
2.2.1 Between bass and other parts
2.3 Contrapuntal on drawn out cadence
2.4 Occasionally monophonic
3 Melody
3.1 Chromatic parts
3.2 Word setting is syllabic
3.2.1 Except for melisma on 'Deo'
3.3 Expressive
3.3.1 Accented passing notes
3.3.2 Appoggiaturas
3.3.3 Suspensions
3.3.4 Wide leaps
3.4 Several sequential repetitions
4 Harmony
4.1 Several sequential repetitions
4.2 Section A is diatonic
4.3 Section B is unstable
4.3.1 Chord juxtapositions
4.3.2 Chromatic parts
5 Tonality
5.1 Modal overtones
5.1.1 Phrygian cadences
5.2 Modal juxtapositions
5.2.1 E.g. Use of both G major and G minor in bar 12
5.3 C major
6 Dynamics
6.1 Wide range
6.2 Detailed performance directions
7 Rhythm and Metre
7.1 Simple rhythms
7.1.1 Allows words to be heard in church acoustics
7.2 Uses a general pause
7.2.1 Allows sound to clear before final phrase
7.3 Common time
8 Structure
8.1 Ternary form
8.1.1 ABA
9 Other
9.1 Musical symbolism
9.1.1 E.g. sign of the cross
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