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1 Instrumentation
1.1 Solo soprano voice
1.2 Women's chorus
1.3 Symphony orchestra
2 Structure
2.1 Strophic
2.1.1 Two verses and a coda
2.2 Linked without interruption from previous and to following song in opera
3 Harmony
3.1 Extended chords
3.1.1 Dominant 11ths, 13ths and added 6ths
3.2 Modal cadences
3.3 References to whole tone scales
3.4 Augmented (French) 6th chord
4 Tonality
4.1 B minor
5 Melody
5.1 Entirely diatonic
5.2 Pentatonic
5.2.1 One note exception
5.3 Some blues notes
5.3.1 Countermelodu
5.4 Glissando
5.4.1 Falling slide
5.4.2 Used on final note of each verse
5.5 Acciaccatura
5.5.1 Used on last note of verses
5.6 Word setting nearly entirely syllabic
6 Context
6.1 An aria
6.2 Part of an opera
6.2.1 Called 'Porgy and Bess'
6.3 Taken from scene where mother is singing a lullaby to her baby
6.3.1 Spoilers: the parents die
6.3.2 Many hints at lullaby E.g. the rocking quavers played by Clarinet
7 Rhythm and Metre
7.1 Some syncopation in melody
7.2 Some dotted rhythms in melody
7.2.1 Swung quavers
7.3 Some cross rhythms
7.4 Simple duple time
7.4.1 2/2
8 Texture
8.1 Melody dominated homophony
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