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1 Forming
1.1 People are still trying to figure out their roles in the group; they tend to work independently, but are trying to get along.
2 Storming
2.1 As the team learns more about the project, members form opinions about how the work should be done. This can lead to temper flare-ups in the beginning, when people disagree about how to approach the project.
3 Norming
3.1 As the team learns more about the other members, they begin to adjust their own work habits to help out one another and the team as a whole. Here’s where the individuals on the team start learning to trust one another.
4 Performing
4.1 Once everyone understands the problem and what the others are capable of doing, they start acting as a cohesive unit and being efficient. Now the team is working like a well-oiled machine.
5 Adjourning
5.1 When the work is close to completion, the team starts dealing with the fact that the project is going to be closing soon.
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