Causes Of Iraq-Kuwait Conflict

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Causes Of Iraq-Kuwait Conflict
1 Historical Enmity
1.1 Kuwait and Iraq were both under British rule in Ottoman empire in the past
1.1.1 However, Iraq was unhappy with Kuwait's independence in 1961 Iraq refused to accept Kuwait's independence by trying to claim sovereignty over Kuwait forcefully This only stopped when Iraq was pressured by neighbouring countries However, Iraq still tried to threaten Kuwait using its military forces during border clashes between the countries despite Kuwait offering economic help to Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war Tensions between Iraq and Kuwait increased as their relations worsened Outbreak of Conflict between Iraq and Kuwait
2 Iraq's economic problems (following Iraq-Iran war)
2.1 Iraq suffered huge lost due to the Iraq-Iran war
2.1.1 For example, Iraq owed a total of 80 billion USD to other countries Iraq also needed money to rebuild itself Iraq saw Kuwait as an answer to all these problems that it faced and threatened Kuwait in terms of independence, territory and resources This increased Kuwait resentment towards Iraq Relations between Iraq and Kuwait worsened, tensions increased, leading to outbreak of their conflict
3 Oil Production Problems
3.1 After Iraq-Iran war, Iraq needed revenue from the sale of oil to pay off its debts and to rebuild itself
3.1.1 However, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates(UAE) did exceeded the oil production quota set by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC) This caused oil prices to fall drastically [From $18/barrel to $7/barrel] Iraq's revenue from selling oil dereased by a lot Anger of Iraq as it saw this issue as a purpose action by UAE and Kuwait to wage an economic war on Iraq Iraq hatred towards Kuwait increased, relations between them worsened Tensions between Iraq and Kuwait increased, leading to their conflict
4 Territorial Disputes
4.1 This was caused by the unclearly defined borders inherited from the British
4.1.1 Iraq accused Kuwait for using the slant-drilling technology to steal oil from Iraq between the Rumaila oilfield borders Iraq demanded for a compensation of 2.4 billion USD from Kuwait Kuwait denied this accusation and refused to compensate Iraq Iraq also tried to claim ownership over the Bubiyan and Warbah Islands by force and suggesting to lease them from Kuwait This is due to Iraq's fear of Kuwait blocking off its access to the Gulf using the Strategic locations of these islands However, Kuwait refused to compromise with Iraq's wants This angered Iraq as it felt that Kuwait disregarded its requests Hence, Iraq hatred towards Kuwait increased Tensions between Iraq and Kuwait increased, their relations worsened, eventually leading to their conflict
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