Reasons For Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait

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Reasons For Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait
1 Iraq's Official Reason
1.1 Iraq claimed that the revolutionaries in Kuwait requested for Iraq to free Kuwait from its ruling government
1.1.1 Iraq saw this as a rightful reason to invade Kuwait, and warned other countries to not intervene its invasion of Kuwait
2 Saddam Hussein's Leadership
2.1 Saddam Hussein saw himself as a great leader
2.1.1 Saddam Hussein saw the refusal of Kuwait to give in to his demands as defiance and a form of personal attack on him This caused Saddam Hussein's dislike for Kuwait Also, majority of the Iraq population is made up of the Shi'a Muslims while Saddam Hussein is a Sunni Muslim Iraq also had a large army numbering in millions Following the Iraq-Iran war, the economy of Iraq was devastated The people saw this war as a failure, and they were angry due to the extremely high prices of daily necessities Saddam Hussein feared that the people, army, and Shi'a Muslims will rise up against him if situations in Iraq does not improve This further convinced Saddam Hussein of the need to gain control over Kuwait so that Iraq will be in control of 20% of the world's oil production This way, Iraq will be able to earn more revenue from the sales of oil, thus, economic problems in Iraq will be resolved This way, Saddam Hussein will be able to secure his position as he regain popularity among the people Thus, Saddam Hussein decided to invade Kuwait
3 Iraq misread USA's position
3.1 Saddam Hussein met the American ambassador to discuss the problems between Kuwait and Iraq before its invasion of Kuwait
3.1.1 However, Saddam Hussein misread USA's stand towards it invading Kuwait Saddam Hussein thought that the US was sympathetic with Iraq and will not intervene if Iraq invade Kuwait Hence, Iraq thought that it will not face the severe consequence of having to fight against USA with its invasion of Kuwait This caused Saddam Hussein to be more confident to invade Kuwait and win as he thought that he had USA's support Hence, Saddam Hussein decided to invade Kuwait
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