structures and forces .

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structures and forces
1 Designing a structure
1.1 For saftey
1.2 For forces on a bridge
1.3 For loads
2 Types of structures
2.1 Frame structures
2.1.1 Are made up of parts fastened together. Examples are ,your skeleton, a spider web and a tennis racket.
2.2 Shell structures
2.2.1 Are rigid round structures that are hollow inside. Igloos, egg cartons, eggs ,and a blown up balloon are examples.
2.3 Combination structures
2.3.1 Are structures made of shell ,solid ,and frame structures Houses ,offices ,and skyscrapers are all examples of combination structures.
2.4 Man made structures
2.5 Natural structures
2.6 Solid structures
2.6.1 Are structures that are generally solid all the way through. Some examples are: a sand castle, a concrete pillar ,and mountains.
3 Forces
3.1 Types of forces
3.1.1 Internal forces Compression A force that squeezes or presses something together. Tension A force that stretches apart to expand or lengthen. Shear A force that pushes in opposite directions. Torsion A force that twists A part of a structure acting on another part of the same structure
3.1.2 External forces Forces that act on a structure from the outside An example is the wind loads Dynamic load The moving load on a structure Static load The effect of gravity on a structure
3.2 Plane of application
3.2.1 The side affected by a force.
3.3 Point of application
3.3.1 The point where a force meets a structure.
3.4 A force is any push or pull on a structure.
4 Form
4.1 Is the basic shape of a structure
5 Function
5.1 Is the job a structure does. Each structure has a job or function.
6 Sensors
6.1 Motion
6.2 Tempreture
6.3 Smoke
6.4 Light
7 Materials used for building a structure.
7.1 Beam
7.1.1 box beam
7.1.2 I-beam
7.2 Arch
7.3 Cantileaver
7.4 Column
7.5 Corrugated
7.5.1 Cardboard
7.5.2 metal
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