Jess Levy - School Improvement Mind Map

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EDLDR 559 - Lesson 9

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Jess Levy - School Improvement Mind Map
1 Instructional leadership and Distributed Leadership
1.1 DLS - Distributed Leadership Series - developing a new framework for examining school leadership and management
1.1.1 In this framework, leadership practice is constructed through the interactions of leaders, followers, and contexts.
1.1.2 Cognition and Sociocultural activity theory Focuses on two things; principal plus and practice Principal plus: multiple individuals are involved in leading and managing schools Practice: prioritizes the practice of leading and managing schools and frames this practice as emerging from interactions among school leaders and followers Practice is most important! It focuses on where the "rubber" of school leadership and management meets the "road" of instructional improvement
1.2 Easier to be shared among many people: In one study, principals reported that "other school staff" shared responsibility for 31% of their daily activities
1.3 Who leaders are depends upon the school, subject, and activity
1.3.1 Important to make sure responsibilities are divided as evenly as possible
2 Leadership Characteristics of Effective Leaders
2.1 Self-confidence
2.2 Ambitious
2.3 Good communicator
2.4 Optomistic but realistic
2.5 Good listener
2.6 Determination and motivated by failure
2.7 Creative and eager to develop new ideas
2.8 Good at collaborating with others and sharing responsibility
2.9 1. Leader's recognition and use of internal intellecutal and experiential resources 2. Differentiated top-down and lateral decision making process 3. Cultural bulding through dialogue and collaborative inquiry
2.10 Seek, recognize, and use teacher's expertise
3 Organizational factors that influence school improvement
3.1 Hurtful to School Improvement:
3.1.1 We are many times too fixated on leadership that we don't pay enough attention to the importance of management Adminstrators do not support teaching staff when issues arise Lack of resources, funding, and supports Having one singular figure at the top of a hierarchy overseeing the allocation of resources, building and implementing a vision and making decisions for staff has proven unsustainable
3.2 Helpful to School Improvement:
3.2.1 Good resources, staff, and supports Teachers and Administrators are on the same page Staff is kept in the loop with changes in school day/school policies and school improvement efforts PLC's within the school collaborate with each other and successfully facilitate productive discussion Inquiry cycle for designing and implementing different instructional approaches and studying their impact Leadership is more effective when it's stretched over knowledgeable individuals of a school
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