Augustinian Theodicy

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Augustinian Theodicy
1 HIERARCHY OF GOODNESS = God, Angels, Humans, Cattle, Plants, Rocks.
2 PRIVATIO BONI = Evil is not a thing, but an absence of good.
2.1 Blindness is not a thing, Blindness is considered to be an evil, Blindness is the absence of the correct functioning of the eye, Blindness is a lack of goodness because a seeing eye is good, The evil of blindness is the lack of goodness of sight.
3 Evil enters the world when something turns away from its proper place in the hierarchy of goodness eg when it 'falls short' of what it is meant to be.
3.1 For Augustine, choosing to fall short is a result of pride. The angels and human beings who turn away from God do so because they prefer themselves to God.
3.1.1 So, Evil first entered the world because of the FALL OF THE ANGELS and The ACTIONS OF ADAM AND EVE. Everything can suffer an evil by 'falling short' of what it should be but only angels and human beings are free to choose to 'fall short', to be less than they are intended to be.
4 MORAL EVIL = evil events or acts caused by human beings choosing freely to do the action in question, eg, rape, murder, theft.
4.1 Angels an humans have free will. They can choose what to do, say, think, feel. They can choose to do good which means, they can also choose to do evil. This is why there is moral evil.
5 NATURAL EVIL = events that have bad or evil consequences when experienced by human beings, eg, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides.
5.1 For Augustine, natural evil is caused by the fallen angels who wreak havoc with God's creation. He also suggests that it is a punishment for sin.
6 Humankind can only be redeemed from the consequences of sin by Jesus. The work of Jesus on the cross is essential for man's redemption from sin. At the end of time or at the moment of death there shall come a time of judgement when some will be admitted to eternal life and others will be condemned to eternal torment.
6.1 There is value in evil. The existence of evil highlights the goodness of creation.
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