Nettie, character summary

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Nettie, character summary
1 What happens to her throughout the novel
1.1 Celie’s younger sister, whom Mr. ______ initially wanted to marry. Nettie runs from Alphonso to Mr. ______, and later runs away from Mr. ______ as both men try to bed her which she does not want. She meets a husband-and-wife pair of missionaries, Samuel and Corrine. With them, she moves to Africa to preach. Nettie becomes the caretaker of Samuel and Corrine’s adopted children (who, Nettie later learns, are Celie’s biological children, whom Celie and Nettie’s stepfather stole and subsequently sold) and faithfully writes letters to Celie for decades. Nettie’s experiences in Africa broaden the novel’s scope, introducing issues of imperialism and pan-African struggles.
2 Nettie's relation to Celie
2.1 Nettie is first and for most, Celies' younger sister. At the beginning of the novel; Celie tries to protect Nettie.When Pa turns to look at Nettie, Celie dresses up like a 'tramp' to make Alphonso stop looking at her. Nettie soon begins to fall for Mr ------ and Celie instantly tells Nettie to go and have a bit of happiness while she can, looking out for Nettie because she's younger
2.2 Nettie runs away from her family home to Celie and Mr-------. She longs to be with her sister and feels safe in Celies presence, She seeks comfort in her older sister and doesn't want to leave her.
2.3 She looks up to Celie and takes on Celie's passion to write. However Nettie is more educated then Celie so she begins teaching Celie to spell and write properley. This is where Nettie becomes more then just the younger sister.
2.4 Nettie is forced to leave Celie but promises to write to her, it is through seeing Nettie escape the two men Celie views most evil that makes Celie view Nettie as a saint. The angelic innocence that is Nettie leave Celie no longer writing to god but to someone who she views more perfect. Nettie
2.5 Nettie grows as a voice in the novel and begins to tell another story to go along side Celie as letters addressed to her. They show the opposite life style almost. No one bosses her around, she works, she helps people. The culture, way of living and social. This supports her as lving the life Celie would love. Away from all they knew
2.5.1 This also shows the idea that Nettie is like a gaurdian angel, living the life Celie would of wished for herself away from harm. She didnt get raped, She stayed in school, she didnt have kids but watched Celies Kids grow up, She wait6ed until love for marriage and explored the world while working.
2.6 By the end of the novel when Nettie returns to her sister who has learnt to fight for herself, she is the symbol of Celie's hope. The embrace that ends the book shows a life longing to be together, she returns married, educated and with Celies children. This puts her as the highest Celie has ever held her because she became and has everything Celie longed for the entire novel. She is not just Celie's symbol of hope, but her proof that a god exists, and that He takes whatever form you choose

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