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GCSE Psychology Prejudice and Personality Unit 1 Mind Map on Stereotyping, created by Toni Nursey on 03/30/2016.

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1 We have different ST's for different areas of society
1.1 Professions
1.2 Gender
1.3 Ethnicity
1.4 Class
2 It is used to...
2.1 Make a snap judgement
2.1.1 This can be positive as it helps people process info quickly and know how to react
2.1.2 This can be negative as it can mean we form an untrue impression based on no knowledge which can affect our behaviour
2.2 Assign people to categories
2.2.1 This can be positive as it helps us remember information
2.2.2 This can be negative if it is not accurate only bad things are remembered
2.3 Unfortunately many stereotypes are negative
3 Williams and Best investigated this across 30 cultures; men were described as reckless and determined whilst women were emotional and warm
4 Rubin et al investigate parents and babies. Parents ascribe gender characteristics to their babies when only 24 hours old and without behaviour to support.
5 Children are influenced by media and role models so programs have begun to show people in different roles
5.1 Over the last 50 years there has been a reduction in stereotypical gender roles
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