Brainstorm on the performance stimuli, Japanese Proverbs: The mouth is the cause of calamity

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Brainstorm on the performance stimuli, Japanese Proverbs: The mouth is the cause of calamity
1 A type of comedic drama similar to the housewives tv shows, where the everything said ends up creating conflict
1.1 Could create a comedic version of Romeo and Juliet, except more of a backstory as to how such family rivalries start in the first place
1.2 A male version of the housewives tv shows, completely over the top and a sort of parody and commentary of how ridiculous these shows are
2 A husband and wife and somehow something is said that ruins everything
2.1 The play starts with the parents over reacting, maybe insulting their son causing him to run away, although the audience is aware that they are good parents, they just made a mistake
2.1.1 The rest of the play could be spend from the parents view trying to find the son, highlighting their extreme guilt and how they attempt to deal with it.
2.1.2 Could be seen from the sons point of view and how devastated he feels, teaching the audience how massive an impact an insult can be on someones moral and perception of self-worth
2.2 A couple that are always arguing and eventually both just run out of steam, the play takes a very dark turn and they both die (possibly suicide) trying to demonstrate the importance of loving one another to the audience and letting petty argument go
2.2.1 The same play as mentioned, but the start being the couples honey moon, where they are completely in love and in pure bliss, creating an emotional connection between the audience and these charters, as well as making their downfall even more tragic
2.2.2 A husband and wife who love each other, but the husband never shows his love towards his wife and in this case it's the mouth's silence that causes calamity, being the end of the couples relationship The husband is very wealth and always working and it's the seriousness of his career and his ridged childhood which lead to his lack of emotional expression At the beginning of the play, there is a short introduction of the two characters and their love for each other, we go on to see their daily live together, which is filled with heartbreaking silence. The slow and painful devastation of the caring wife is seen, until she can no longer bare the silence and leaves her husband. When she says so, her husband seems unmoved and remains emotionless, this hurts the wife even more and she runs out of the room in tears. The husband (sitting in a chair) remains motionless for a few long seconds and then tears start pouring down his face, the stage goes black. Now we see the husband alone in his daily routine, slowly being broken down by depression, following in the path of his wife. He no longer cares about his work and soon losses his job. He stays inside all day listening to his wives favourite song on repeat and one day falls asleep in his armchair and never wakes up. The audience sees his head fall to the side as life leaves him. The final scene is the funeral in a grey and sad park, a group of people are huddled around a casket, the ceremony proceeds, but there is no dialogue or sound. On the far side of the stage a black silhouette of a women appears. She is holding a white bouquet of flowers and stands motionless before letting the flowers fall out of her hands and to the ground. The stage goes dark and the play ends.
3 A fictionally based world, interpreting the proverb literally. Man kind struggling to survive as massive creatures devour them.
3.1 Possibly paying homage to Japenese culture and taking inspiration from traditional Japanese monsters to create the ones in this play.
3.1.1 Possibly a Godzilla monster scenario, watching from military head quarters as humans try to deal with this imposing threat A view from the political heads of the world debating what or what not to do (example whether or not to use nuclear force to try and stop the monster, how many human lives would be lost as collateral damage) a question of morals, and although it's a different scenario, really it's looking at man's judgment behind nuclear war. Also a criticism of human nature lust for war and destruction
3.2 A post apocalyptic world, where humans hide in the shadows and how two try and attempt to keep love alive, while hungry mouths are constantly searching for their next meal
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