Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality

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Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality
1 Buddhism
1.1 End to suffering
1.1.1 Quest for Nirvana Siddhartha
1.1.2 Four Noble Truths Dukka: Suffering is everywhere Samudaya: Misplaced desire and Ignorance Nirodha: Cease all desires Marga: Noble eightfold path
1.1.3 Meditation and Good deeds
1.2 Festivals
1.2.1 Buddhist New year
1.2.2 Vesak
1.2.3 Uposatha
1.2.4 Kathina
1.2.5 Abhidhamma
1.2.6 Songkran
1.2.7 Festival of Lights http://vimeo.com/127579721 (Festival of Lights 2015)
2 Hinduism
2.1 One of the oldest religions
2.2 Brahman
2.2.1 Brahma is the God of Creation
2.3 Self realizations
2.4 The Age of Shiva
2.5 Notably found in India and Nepal
3 Taoism
3.1 Pronounced Daoism
3.1.1 Dao is the supreme source of reality
3.2 The human being is an image of the universe
3.3 Meditation
3.3.1 Practices for the body, understanding for the mind
3.3.2 Fa-Lu Purify hearts and mind
3.4 Festival of Renewal
3.4.1 5 elements arranged to ensure a good harvest
3.5 Tao Te Ching
3.6 Three Purities
3.6.1 Jade Purity
3.6.2 Highest Purity
3.6.3 Great Purity
4 Confucianism
4.1 Also known as Ruism
4.2 Sacred Texts
4.2.1 Lunyu: Analects
4.2.2 Wujing: The Five Classics
4.2.3 Sishu: The Four Books
4.3 Founder is Kong Qui
4.4 Ancestor Worship is important
4.5 enlightenment through revitalization of virtues
4.6 Festivals
4.6.1 Chinese New Year
4.6.2 Qing Ming
4.6.3 Chongmyo Taeje
4.6.4 Ching Ming
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