Nutrition Mind Map

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This is my mind map for the Nutrition Assignment

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Nutrition Mind Map
1 Vitamins (consumed in small amounts)
1.1 Lipid/Fat Soluble
1.1.1 Vitamin A White blood cells- body's defense
1.1.2 Vitamin D Gathers Calcium to make bones
1.1.3 Vitamin E Antioxidant
1.1.4 Vitamin K Helps clot blood and reduce the effectiveness of Warfrain
1.1.5 Travels into the blood by attaching to protein
1.1.6 Can be packed in the liver and fat cells
1.2 Water Soluble
1.2.1 Vitamin C Fights diseases Makes collagen
1.2.2 Vitamin B Coenzymes release energy
1.2.3 Dissolved in water parts of Fruits and Grains
2 Fats (9cal/g)
2.1 Saturated
2.1.1 High blood cholestrol
2.1.2 Mainly from animal products
2.1.3 Type 2 Diabetes
2.2 Trans
2.2.1 Partially Hydrogenated
2.2.2 Dangerous and Stable
2.2.3 Dosen't go rotten
2.2.4 Processed
2.3 Unsaturated
2.3.1 Double or more bonds= good
2.3.2 Olive oil, Salmon
2.4 Acid substance from the liver called Bile breaks down fat
2.5 Fatty acids may be short or long
3 Energy
3.1 Carbohydrates (4cal/g)
3.1.1 Complex Stabilizes sugar level Digestion Time= Longer
3.1.2 Simple Limited Broken down quickly Sugar Added to Tomato Sauce Added to mixed fruits Added to yogurt Added to flavoured water Glucose, Maltose Sucrose, Dextrose Lactose, Starch Initial Bursts of Energy
3.2 Protein (4cal/g)
3.2.1 Meat products
4 Nutrients
4.1 Micro
4.1.1 Cleans cells
4.1.2 Removes waste from cells
4.1.3 Nourishes cells
4.1.4 Minerals, Vitamins
4.1.5 Cells will be weakened without Micro
4.1.6 May cause dieasaes without
4.2 Macro
4.2.1 Needed in large amounts
4.2.2 Carbs, Protein
4.2.3 Fat
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