Animal testing

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GCSE RE (Animal Rights) Mind Map on Animal testing, created by jimmy98 on 01/14/2014.

Created by jimmy98 almost 6 years ago
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1 Against
1.1 Bad science
1.1.1 Animals react differently to humans
1.2 Results can be misleading
1.3 Lots of alternatives
1.3.1 Human study
1.3.2 Computer models
1.3.3 Brain scanning
1.4 Muslims - Forbid animals being caged
2 For
2.1 Has developed vaccines in the past
2.1.1 TB, mumps
2.2 Helped develop organ transplants for humans
2.3 Few feel pain as they are killed before having surgery
2.4 Millions are killed for food each year
2.5 Most Christians accept limited testing

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