Stem Cells And Meristems

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Stem Cells And Meristems
1 Specialised cells originate from stem cells*
1.1 *(Cells which are yet to be specialised)
2 Stem cells can divide and produce cells that have the potential to become more specific cell types
3 Stem cells are involved in growth/development and repair of animals
4 There are two types of stem cells
4.1 Adult stem cells
4.1.1 Adult stem cells are present in tissues and organs and can become cells such as neurons, muscle cells or blood cells
4.2 Embryonic stem cells
4.2.1 Embryonic stem cells can divide and differentiate to form any type of cell in the body
5 In plants, growth occurs in special areas called meristems
5.1 Where mitosis occurs
6 Meristems are regions of actively dividing cells, which have the potential to become almost any type of cell and contribute to growth
7 There is two types of meristem
7.1 Lateral meristems
7.1.1 Lateral meristems are found within the tens and roots of plants
7.2 Apical meristems
7.2.1 Apical meristems are found at the shoot tip and at the root tips of plants
7.2.2 Apical meristems give rise to organs like leaves and flowers
8 Mitosis in Meristems
9 Embryo = Anything
10 aduLt = Limited
11 No particular shape or structure
12 Stem cells can not become gametes
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