Christian views on an economically divided world

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Christian views on an economically divided world
1 What causes world poverty?
1.1 Environmental issues
1.1.1 Natural disasters will weaken the countries economy
1.2 Healthcare
1.2.1 If the country has bad healthcare then the child mortality rate will be high More women will die in child birth
1.3 Conflict
1.3.1 Warfare will deplete the countries money supply because they will have to research new weaponary
1.4 Bad government
1.4.1 They will spend money on themselves rather than the country. They will become corrupt
1.5 Disease
1.5.1 HIV/AIDs will kill a lot of people, particularly young people who are the main workforce
1.6 Debt
1.6.1 Poor countries have to borrow large sums of money that they won't be able to pay back
1.7 Trade barriers
1.7.1 Unfair trade rules are set up to benefit the richer country because their products are cheaper
1.8 Greed
1.8.1 The people in power want more control and money so they will do something that will benefit themselves only
2 Christan views
2.1 Some famous people have said something about poverty
2.1.1 Mahatma Gandhi said 'The Earth has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.'
2.1.2 Eli Khamarov said 'Poverty is like a crime you didn't commit.'
2.1.3 John F. Kennedy said ' If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot help the few who are rich.'
2.2 According to the Bible
2.2.1 'The poor are blessed and the kingdom of heaven is theirs.' Luke 6:20
2.2.2 'The poor are waiting for justice.' Luke 1:17
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