Star theory- Richard Dyer

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Star theory- Richard Dyer
1 Richard Dyer came up with the star theory of music videos, it puts forward the idea that celebrities are artificially manufacturer to fit in with the male dominated society. Also, Dyer thinks the by making celebrities be attractive to look at they can then relate to the audience an are fun to watch, which then conforms to the male gaze theory. Dyer believes that celebrities are manufactured in this way to increase the money coming in.
2 Gramsci - Hegemony
2.1 Antonio Gramsci who was a Marxist activist developed the idea of cultural hegemony whereby it showed his concern about how powerful those people are who are in power. He believes that all institutions in society should benefit from the bourgeoisie {the ruling class}.
2.1.1 in Britney spears music video she is shown interpritating her own form of a school girl with ponytails and short school skirts. In her music video she is always shown to be dancing and singing things that young girls love to do. She is shown to be empowering and also sexy in an innocent way. as she is the centre of attention too her music video 'hit me baby one more time' ,this could make young girls feel as though they need o be popular and sexual to be in the limelight, this can then have a negative affect on todays society which would then agree with Gramsci's ideas.
2.2 Laura Mulvey - Male Gaze
2.2.1 Mulvey puts forward the male gaze theory whereby she thinks that women should be put in a place where the are looked a in a sexual way or put as a erotic object. Male gaze tends to happen when the audience are placed in the potion of heterosexual man. Mulvey also says that female gaze is also active, this is when the female puts herself in the eyes of a man and they can then emphasis the curves on their body to attract the male and they also act more sexy and feminine.
2.2.2 Andrew Godwin - Amplify, Disjuncture and illustrate Illustrate - music videos can use a set images to illustrate the meaning of the lyrics and genre, this is most common Amplify - no clear distinction between the video and lyrics. However, the video portrays the artists narrative and layers of meaning are added . Disjuncture - this is where the meaning of the song is completely ignored.
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