What were the causes of the Wars Of The Roses?


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What were the causes of the Wars Of The Roses?
  1. Henry VI's Failures as King/ Illness
    1. Had a lot to live up to compared to his Father's achievements/ never had any knowledge
      1. Had no control over the nobility, he was easily targeted as weak
        1. Uninterested in Royal duties - not interested in War and politics
          1. Lost the 100 years War
            1. Couldn't be gotten rid of
              1. Put the Kingdom under serious debt
                1. Evidence; Sold the crowns jewels to pay off debt 1448, Never battled once in France, Gave back France an area called Main due to pressure of ruling England and France, Lost all of Henry V's land in 24 years except Calais
                  1. His illness led him to have a nervous breakdown, not fit to rule
                    1. Married a French woman
                    2. Public Opinion towards the country's rule
                      1. Cade Rebellion - Summer 1450
                        1. 1) Jade Cade from Kent, led thousands of rebels to march on London
                          1. 2) Rebels camp at Black Heath
                            1. Rebels still believed that the King's advisors were too blame, no matter how bad Henry VI was, the rebels were still loyal
                              1. 3) King Henry and nobles flee from London
                                1. 4) Londoners and rebels are in battle, Cade is killed so revolt ends
                                  1. Evidence; Advisors believed to be taking advantage of the young King, Duke of Suffolk blamed for losing the 100 years war, Peasant's Revolt past experience, Nobles Lord Sage and Sherriff were killed
                                  2. Public were always worried about the French and how they could invade or attck anytime
                                    1. Capable of revolting!!
                                    2. Ongoing feud between nobility - Lancastrians vs Yorkist
                                      1. Mutual Fear of the opposition
                                        1. Both Duke of York and Somerset fought to become the King's advisor - Duke of Suffolk's death
                                          1. York wanted control as he felt Somerset was weak as the King's advisor
                                            1. King supported Somerset, although York was popular with the public
                                              1. Still both sides pledged loyalty to the King
                                                1. Evidence; York attempts to get rid of Somerset but fails 1451, Somerset is imprisoned by York once he becomes the PROTECTOR
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