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To kill a Mockingbird

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1 Courage
1.1 While going to the Radley's she prooves her courage
1.2 When she goes infront of the prison even though she knows her Dad will get annoyed
1.3 She is always "dared" to do things by her brother and always try the hardest to suceed even when she is scared
2 Maturity
2.1 Scouts always thinks twice to try and understand what is really going
2.1.1 She clearly realizes that Jem tries to put things iside her heads
2.2 She gets mad when she thinks things a not fair,
2.3 She lives surrounded by adults and problems she should not be facing at her own age
3 TomBoy
3.1 "Hangs out" with her brother
3.2 Always up to any challenge
3.3 Never talks about any things girly, it's all about adventures and boy games
3.4 Accepts the "girl" insults of her brother
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