Capercaillie: Skye Waulking song

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Capercaillie: Skye Waulking song
1 Instrumentation and Texture
1.1 The layered texture
1.1.1 ryhthmic pattern on the drum kit
1.1.2 A bass line played by the bass guitar
1.1.3 Chords on the synthesiser and accordion
1.1.4 Main melogy sung by voice
1.1.5 Countermelodies on the other melody instruments
1.2 The three most instruments
1.2.1 Wurliter piano - a types of early electric piano
1.2.2 Uilleann pipes - like the bagpipes but with a softer tone
1.2.3 Bouzouki - a tyoes of lute that comes form Greece
2 Structure
2.1 There four different phrases
2.1.1 Phrase 1: call( in Gaslic, starts on a high D)
2.1.2 Refrain 1: response vocables, starts on a mid B
2.1.3 Phrase 2: call ( in Gaelic, starts on a low D)
2.1.4 Refrain 2: response vocables, starts on a high E
3 Melody
3.1 pentatonic (based on a five note scale)
3.2 it uses a low register of the voice
3.3 It mainly syllabic
3.4 the instrumentation plays a short motifs
4 Metre
4.1 the song is notated in 12/8 (compound quadruple metre)
5 Rhythm
5.1 It start of the song the hi - hat pattern creates cross rhythms. When the full band enters the hi - hat pattern changes
6 Harmony
6.1 the song is in G major
6.2 The three main chords are G, Em and C
6.3 the dominant chord is D so avoided, the music has a modal feel
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