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When was this piece first composed? 1959
What is the style of this piece? MODAL JAZZ
METRE&TONALITY&TEMPO The metre of this piece is 6/4 The tonality (key) of this piece is G modal or G mixolydian mode Tempo:156 beats per minute
STRUCTURE The overall structure is called the HEAD ARRANGEMENT but broken down this is: Intro - Head - Solos improvised (Trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, piano) - Head - Outro Between these sections there are links which is basically the intro riff from the piano connecting all of the piece together.
MELODY ~ The melody is improvised around the head- head melody comprises a rising 6th followed by melody, moving by step. ~ Uses blue notes 3rd, 5th & 7th ~Laid back feeling because more virtuosic ~Trumpet has ghost notes& glissandi(s) ~ Riffs- bass riff throughout
MELODY ~ Linking idea- joins sections together (played on saxophone a 3rd apart) ~ Grace notes
TEXTURE ~ Sparce at the beginning ~ Dominated by solos ~ Melody with accompaniment
HARMONY ~ Based on a 12 bar blues chord sequence: G G G G Gm Gm G G D Eflat G G
RHYTHM There are swung rhythms, syncopated rhythms in the melody line.
INSTRUMENTATION Front line; Trumpet, Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone Rhythm line: Drum kit, Bass, Piano Trumpet: plays with a Harmon mute Piano: accompanies with chords-'comping' Drum kit: plays 1st with brushes,changes to sticks,switches back to brushes
FEATURES OF MODAL JAZZ MUSIC ~ Improvisation ~ based on a 12 bar blues ~ Blues notes
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