Medieval Europe Mind Map

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Medieval Europe

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Medieval Europe Mind Map
1 Serf
1.1 Work
1.1.1 3 field system Autumn for winter wheat and rye Crops with lentils, peas, beans Soil to regain nutrient
1.1.2 Work 3 days a week
1.1.3 Their Lord's fields
1.2 Caught black death very easily
1.3 Clothing
1.3.1 Men: Tunic or cloth Fastened around waist with leather belt
1.3.2 Made their own
1.3.3 Plain and simple
1.3.4 Working tools attached to tunic
1.3.5 Women: Long gown
2 Pope
2.1 Considered more powerful than King
2.2 Performed sermons
2.2.1 Doom paitings
2.3 1309-1377 lived in Avignon
2.3.1 Avignon known for being greedy
2.4 Wore very wealthy clothes
3 Black death
3.1 Killed approx. 50 million people
3.1.1 Around 60% of England's populations
3.2 1346-1353
3.3 Carried by rats
3.3.1 Spread from human to human by the fleas that infest them
3.4 Called Black Death from the black splotches caused from subcutaneous bleeing
4 Priest
4.1 Resolved people of their sins
4.2 Listened to confessions
4.3 Somer wre employed by wealthy families as a personal priest
4.4 Performed sermons
4.4.1 A speech telling others to do good in the world otherwise you'll go to Hell. Explained that Hell was a horrible place
5 Church
5.1 Most people Christian
5.2 Believed in God and the Devil
5.3 Catholic Church
5.3.1 Dominated life
5.4 Spent life showing God how good they were
5.5 Joined Church being being priest, monk or nun
5.6 Wealthy showed God how good they were by giving money to build more churches
5.7 Priest
5.7.1 Gave advice, provided mass, confession and sermon speeches to impress God
5.8 Ran by Pope
5.8.1 Would excommunicate others
5.9 MEN
5.9.1 Monks lived in Monastery
5.9.2 tooks vows of chastity, poverty and obedience
5.9.3 vow of silence
5.9.4 Plain food
5.9.5 Homemade robes
5.10 WOMEN
5.10.1 Lived in convents Source of education
5.10.2 Nun Source of education
5.10.3 tooks vows of chastity, poverty and obedience
5.10.4 Widows and old women used convents for secret retreat
6 Women
6.1 Expectations
6.1.1 Shouldn't kiss men apart from husband
6.1.2 Most not sweat
6.1.3 Shouldn't drink too much
6.1.4 houldn't eat too much
6.2 Position
6.2.1 Couldn't argue
6.2.2 Couldn't order people around
6.2.3 Couldn't plead
6.2.4 Could get beaten by husbands
6.3 Did same job as men but paid a lot less
6.4 Baked and brewed in village
6.5 Also often worked in the field with the men
7 Feudalism
7.1 Began when William Conqueror defeated King Harold Battle of Hastings
7.2 Lived by social structure
7.3 Gained control of England
7.4 God created 3 people
7.4.1 People who prayed
7.4.2 Fighters in battle
7.4.3 Workers
7.5 Impossible for William to rule whole of England
7.6 Divided it into parts
7.7 Gave to nobles who helped in fighting battles
7.7.1 swore oath of loyalty, collect taxes & manage area
7.7.2 Hard to manage by themselves Gave some to barons/knights to manage
7.8 Heirarchy
7.8.1 1. Kings & Queens 2. Lords & Ladies 3. Knights 4. Peasants and serfs
7.9 Was to protect and serve others
7.9.1 Lower ranks serves higher ranks
7.9.2 Higher ranks protected lower ranks
7.10 Advantages
7.10.1 Protected people from foreign invaders
7.10.2 Large land had Government and control
7.10.3 social structure brought stability
7.10.4 Lords enjoyed the benefits of the serf's work
7.11 Disadvantages
7.11.1 Serf's sacrificed everything
7.11.2 Was reliant on one group of individuals

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